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End of year video


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Tolsons(about a month ago)

A very good video. Good luck Mr Manders Jones

Kevin(about a month ago)

Mr Abrahams was the best.

Laura Carrick(about a month ago)

Absolutely brilliant!! Well done

Sam talbot(about a month ago)

Absolutely brilliant, all the staff are fantastic! X

Michelle(about a month ago)

That was blooming brilliant !

Mrs Harding(about a month ago)

Look at you mice now you're between cats! :D You lot crack me up! What on Earth has happened since I left? Standing on desks, getting inside the skip, tricycles in corridors! The whole place has gone to POT!!! Great to see you all celebrating our lovely school and your even lovelier holidays. Wishing you all the very best for the new school year - with all my love!

Sophie(less than a month ago)

Hope it wont be taken off the website.

Ben(about a week ago)

Can't stop watching so sad it took me 7 weeks to find

Erin french(about a week ago)

This is amazing can't stop watching


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