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Pupil and Parent Voice Surveys

At MDCPS, we are keen to hear the views of pupils and parents, so this year we have completed surveys to provide an insight into our school PE and Sport provision.

If you have not completed the Parent Voice survey yet and would like to, please follow this link:

Parent Voice PE Survey 

The results of this survey will be published after the survey closes on 30th September.

Pupil Voice Results

At the end of our last academic year, we carried out a pupil survey with all year groups about PE at our school. The results were very interesting and proved valuable to provide an insight into the children’s views about PE at MDCPS. Findings from the survey will contribute towards our Sports Premium Action Plan for 2015-16.

92% of the children in school said that they enjoy doing PE at school with their teachers. The children also chose their favourite activity, with 38% selecting swimming and 36% choosing games. As a school, we have elected to spend a portion of the Sports Premium on providing swimming lessons for all children in school (swimming is not compulsory in KS1), so it is very positive that so many of the children choose this to be their favourite. Gymnastics and dance were less popular, and in response to this we have already planned some new gymnastics and dance activities for the Autumn Term, as well as plan after-school clubs to expose more children to the fun of these activities! We will also continue to provide the range of games of activities that the children have enjoyed so much.

Almost half of the children said that they prefer to work with a group of friends during PE, 34% indicated that they like to work with a partner, and 21% chose a preference of working on their own. We will continue to provide a variety of opportunities for the children to work on their own, in a pair, and in a group to help the children develop the individual and teamwork skills that underpin successful PE.

58% of the children said that they feel tired or worn out after a PE lesson in school. A key finding of the OFSTED (2012) inspection of Primary PE was that, “In a quarter of schools, pupils were not challenged to improve their personal fitness sufficiently. Warm ups were too short and too easy, and were often followed by long periods of inactivity as teachers introduced the lesson.” At MDCPS, we aim to provide the children with engaging and active PE lessons. Next year, we plan for this to be a greater focus with the target to ensure that all children recognise a tired feeling after a PE lesson!

Across school, 58% of the children have attended a sports club at school. When looking at each key stage individually, 69% of KS2 children attend a club, whilst only 51% of KS1 children do. Therefore, we would like to improve these attendance rates this year by providing more opportunities for children to attend clubs during and after school. We also aim to make more links with local sports clubs, as well as providing parents with more information, to increase opportunity for children to attend clubs outside school.

The children suggested lots of ideas for clubs that they would like to go to. These included: football, athletics, gymnastics, rugby, cricket, netball, tennis, dance, games and martial arts. We will be looking into these suggestions and hope to arrange a comprehensive after-school sports programme which incorporates many of these activities.

MDCPS would like to thank the children for their contributions to the pupil voice survey, which will be repeated again at the end of the academic year in order to measure the impact of our PE Premium spending.