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Autumn Term 1 2017 


Investigating complete and incomplete circuits

We worked in groups to investigate the what makes a circuit complete or incomplete. Before carrying out our investigation, we made predictions and then once we had tested out our ideas using the equipment, we discussed whether our predictions had been right or wrong and why.

We found out that a circuit is incomplete if:

  1. There is a gap in the circuit, so the electrical current cannot flow around it;
  2. The wires are not connected to both the positive and negative ends of the battery.

We found out that a circuit will be complete if:

  1. There is a power supply;
  2. There are no gaps anywhere, so the electrical current can flow around the whole circuit;
  3. The wires are connected to both the positive and negative ends of the battery.


Topic: Making Tudor Roses

If you would like to try making one at home, follow this link:

 We found out that the Tudor family came to power in 1485 when Henry VIII’s father, Henry VII, defeated King Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth. This battle ended the Wars of the Roses, which had seen the York family and Lancaster family at war with each other, to decide who should rule the country. Henry VII was a Lancastrian and he married Elizabeth of York, to unite the two families.

The Tudor Rose symbolises the red Lancaster rose and the white York rose and reminded people that the Wars of the Roses had finally ended.

Our completed Tudor Roses: