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Term 4

In term 4 we have been looking at the Space Race and the huge advances in technology and science, which sadly came at a price for some brave astronauts - both human and our four legged friends...

We looked at the story of Laika and discussed the ethics of sending animals into space...

We looked at the moon landings and then wrote some newspaper recounts to inform the world of this historic event...

Take a look at our Space Race presentations...

Toby Space Power Point.pptxDownload
The Space Race! by Finley H.pptxDownload
the space race by Thomas.pptxDownload
The Space Race By Lucy Tolson!.pptxDownload
The space race by Isobel.odpDownload
space race by Jess E.pptxDownload
Space Race by Finley Wilson.pptxDownload
Space race by Ethan s. Jones.pptxDownload
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