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Term 1

Welcome to our Bobcats Page.

This term our topic is called:

Great and Ghastly Events.

We will explore some of the big events from British and world history some of which were great, some of which were pretty ghastly!

We will begin by looking at some of the big events we have seen in our lifetimes such as family events and starting school. We will explore how we felt at these events and the effect they had on us.

We will then go on to find out about some big events in British and world history, such as the Gunpowder Plot, the Great Fire of London, the sinking of the Titanic, World Wars I and II, the first moon landings and the coronation of our Queen, Elizabeth II. We will explore a range of sources of evidence such as listening to stories, looking at pictures, reading accounts and information, and searching for images that will help us to find out more about these events.

We may also find out about many other big events as we carry out our research.

We will look at the history of events and celebrations in our own communities and across the world.

As historians we will:

  • Study significant events in Britain’s past
  • Study significant events around the rest of the world


As designers we will:

  • Design, make and evaluate products
  • Build structures and use mechanisms
  • Investigate our homes, the school and other places to see if we can come up with ideas and make our own inventions that others might find useful.


As writers we will:

  • Write labels
  • Write lists
  • Write captions
  • Write instructions
  • Present information

As artists we will:

  • Draw and paint images of inventions and their inventors

As mathematicians we will:

  • Write dates
  • Sequence dates

Bobcats had a fantastic day celebrating Roald Dahl's 100th birthday. All the children looked amazing!