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The Arts

This term, we will be learning about History and Art, by discovering how the style, techniques and equipment used to create art have changed over time. 


During the topic, we will be learning about the following:

  • Stone Age art
  • Bronze Age art
  • Iron Age art
  • Anglo-Saxon art
  • Tudor art
  • Classic British Artists (Turner)
  • European Art (Van Gogh)


To kick-start the topic, we researched Stone Age art and made our own cave-man hand prints!


Science Week!

Throughout Science week, we carried out lots of investigations and did lots of experiments. Our favourite experiment was the Mentos and Cola experiment.


On Monday, Jaguar class asked if we could complete the Mentos and Cola experiment, so on Tuesday, that's exactly what we did!

Enter text...


...but we weren't very impressed!

So we went back into the classroom to discuss what we could investigate. 

Our options were:

  • to repeat the experiment changing the type of cola that we use three times,
  • to repeat the experiment changing the type of fizzy drink that we use three times,
  • to repeat the experiment changing the size of bottle that we use each time,
  • repeat the experiment changing the type of mint that we use three times,
  • repeat the experiment changing the amount of sweets that we use three times.

After voting, we decided to test whether the size of the reaction will change depending on the amount of sweets that we used each time. Our theory; the more sweets, the bigger the eruption!


On Wednesday we planned and carried out our experiment.

First, we used 5 sweets.


Next, we repeated the test using 10 mentos.


Finally, we added 15 mentos! This time we were very impressed!


Optional! Set 3.3.17. 


Over the next two weeks, we will be looking at Myths and Legends during our English lessons. Your homework for this week is to research and read a Myth or Legend; many can be found over the internet! Instead of reading, you might choose to watch one of the videos that can be found by following this link: 

I particularly recommend watching either The Saga of Bjorn, or The Dragon Slayer!


The following website might also be useful:


Have fun and let me know what you find out!