Market Deeping Community Primary School

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Term 2

What are we learning about...

Our topic this term is coasts and oceans, where will be studying why and how the shape of the United Kingdom is constantly changing due to the forces of nature that constantly attack! We'll look at how erosion causes cliffs to collapse and how the various features that we see at the coast are formed. We'll then be investigating how to defend the land from this conflict, by seeing the various forms of sea defences at Overstrand, during our Kingswood trip.

In our Literacy sessions, we'll continue to develop our sentence structure skills with the help of the hapless Ivor Clue and also complete some non-fiction Big Writing tasks, where we will be writing a letter of thanks to Kingswood, a persuasive text to suggest a particular form of sea defence to the Environment agency and also try our hand at continuing the Ivor Clue chronicles in a narrative piece of imaginative story telling...

Our topic work will follow our cross-curricula links with the geography aspects of our learning and we'll have plenty of opportunities to flex our creative and artistic muscles along the way!