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Term 4

In this term we will continue to learn about the Victorian era with a particular focus on the effects of the Industrial Revolution. We will be carrying out a book study on 'Street Child' which tells the story of Jim Jarvis and his adventures, which culminate in him being saved by Dr Barnardo.

We will also be looking at the jobs that children were forced to undertake in this era and we will be discussing the moral implications of this. 

In addition to our historical learning we will also be undertaking an art project - where we will study the works Lowry and produce our own framed versions. Mrs Tatum (a skilled artist) will be leading these sessions and I'll upload some pictures of the final works when they are completed...

We'll also be having dance lessons with our talented dance instructor, Imogen - culminating in a performance of an infamous scene from Oliver Twist...

Dance routine from Group 1

Dance routine from Group 2.

Learning in Science Week

Letters to the Prime Minister

As part of Science Week we focused on the work of Louis Pasteur and also looked at how cholera, which was a problem in Victorian England, is still killing 100,000's of people in Africa every year... TODAY! We were so incensed that we planned and wrote letters to the Prime Minister - demanding that ACTION be taken to help those people less fortunate than ourselves... Please take some time to read some of these letters below... 

This video showed us just how easy germs can spread...

So remember to always wash your hands and cover your mouth and nose when you sneeze!