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Spring Term 4 - Superheroes / People who help us



Communication and Language
We will be telling our own superhero stories- using stick puppets and small world toys. Go on superhero missions by follow directions and instructions. We will talk about favourite superheroes. We will discuss characters/feelings from stories shared. We will play listening and turn taking games.

Physical Development
Outside we will use the fitness trail as an obstacle course. We will construct super hero dens. The children will pretend to be fire-fighters and squirting water at letters/numbers. We will develop our fine motor skills by - threading, lacing, cutting pegging, and use pipe cleaners. We will free superheroes from padlocks using keys and use tweezers to collect evil pea from the spaghetti hoops.

We will use books such as Supertato, Charlie’s superhero underpants and non fiction people who help us books. The children will make Evil Pea wanted posters, design their own superheroes. While looking at people who help us they will write prescriptions. We will be continuing with our letter sounds and will play lots of phonic games.


In mathematics we are singing number and shape rhymes and learning numerals. We will measure superheroes using unifix cubes. We will weigh fruit and vegetables and discuss which one is heavy and light. We will have a trip to Tesco to see what numbers we can see. Using 2D shapes we will make police cars/fire engines and encourage the children to describe the shape by talking about how many side, corners etc they have.

Expressive Arts and Design

The children will make their own Supertato. They will make superhero masks, print with fruit and vegetables. After looking at pictures of x rays the children will make pictures of hand x-rays. They will make Miss Polly’s dolly using wooden spoons. After talking about signs of spring the children will paint Daffodils and Tulips.  They will be able to dress up using superhero capes and masks as well as nurses, doctors, police and fire fighter outfits.

Understanding the World
The children will have a trip to Tesco’s to see the different types of food that are available and to explore the different jobs people do. The children will have the opportunity to explore being a police officer and sit inside a real police car. The will plant potatoes. They will explore magnets and use their superhero power to get small world figures out of frozen blocks of ice. The children will use the computers to complete simple programs

Personal Social and Emotional Development
We will look at being a classroom hero by encouraging children to make the right choices and help others and learn about what makes a good friend. We will play circle time games and talk about the people who help us in our lives and the roles they play



The day the police came