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Autumn term 1 - Once upon a time

Nursery - Early Years Foundation Stage




Communication and Language

Listening to and talking about stories. Talking to each other, finding out about things we like and using the home corner role play area. 

Personal Social and Emotional Development

We will be getting to know each other, finding
out each other’s names, getting used to the classroom environment and routines, making friends and learning rules and being very kind.



Physical Development

We are focusing on both fine motor and gross motor skills this term. We will practice our pincer grip using pegs and chunky paint brushes to mark make outside. We will use rolling pins with the gingerbread playdough to make our on gingerbread men. Children will explore the fitness tail. 


We will be sharing books, making marks both inside and outside. Exploring our favourite     stories. Retelling and acting out stories, such as the Gingerbread man and Hansel and Gretel. We will mark make in flour and shaving foam.

Expressive Arts and Design

We will be doing lots of creative things this term Making our own gingerbread men, making spiders and printing with shapes. We will make pictures with natural objects. We will make potions in the water tray. We will explore musical instruments and sing simple songs and number rhymes.


In mathematics we are singing number rhymes, playing with number puzzles and learning numerals. We will also be sorting and counting objects.

Understanding the World

We will be using the computers to make marks and draw pictures. We will talk about our families and things we like to do with them. We will talk about harvest and observe seasonal changes that take place in autumn.


Please note we try and use the children’s current ideas and interests when possible so some areas may change as the term progresses.