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Spring term 3 - Frozen / In the Woods


Physical Development
We are focusing on both fine motor and gross motor skills this term. We will practice our pencil control when tracing and mark making. We will use fine motor skills for threading. We will use tools such as hammers for tapping tacks into cork to make pictures. We will explore the fitness trail and practice our ball skills outside. We will play games with the parachute.
Communication and Language
We will listen to and talking about stories. During circle time activities we will encourage the children to listen as well as speak about a focused subject. We will explore the use of positional language.

Personal Social and Emotional Development
We will be playing turn taking games and encouraging sharing skills. We will talk about our families and ‘news’. We will use puppets to talk about feelings and to reinforce rules.


We will be sharing books, making marks both inside and outside. We will explore books such as Polar bear, polar bear what do you hear?, Disney’s Frozen and the Gruffalo. We will also look at non-fiction books to about winter and arctic animals. We will continue to looks at the letter sounds.

In mathematics we are singing number rhymes and learning numerals. We will measure gloves using cubes. We will talk about the longest and shortest. We will make pictures using shapes. We will practice writing numbers in glitter, sand and shaving foam. We will explore positional language while going on a bear hunt.


Expressive Arts and Design
We will use a range of instruments to explore making loud and quiet sounds and slow and fast sounds. We will be painting snowmen and make snowflakes.
After listening to We are going on a bear hunt story the children will paint pictures of bears.

Understanding the World
We will be using the computers to make pictures and practice using the mouse to click and drag objects. We will Use the CD player in the music area to listen to Disney’s Frozen sound track. We will explore what the environment looks like in winter and go on a winter walk.