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Ancient Greece

Sparta v Athens!!

To start our English lessons, we looked at reasons why Sparta and Athens thought they were the better state. The children took part in a class debate to present their persuasive reasons.

To help the children create their own Greek theatre mask, they took a selfie with their desired expression to copy onto their mask. Here are their wonderful expressions...

The children were set the task to create a collage of Greek mythical beasts using the iPads .

After listening to different Greek myths, the children got themselves into groups and turned a myth into a puppet show. They chose the characters and settings then wrote their own script. They all worked very well.

In science, the children investigated the absorbency of 4 different types of paper.

We were fortunate to have Mrs Tatam work with us one afternoon. She showed us how to draw the chimera using only pastels. The children created some excellent pieces of art.

The children have been working very well with each other in improving their work. Here are some videos showing them in action.

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Rose(about a year ago)

Great pictures for the masks

ella kane and the kane family(about a year ago)

Ella: can I just say I love Mr Abrahams and how much effort he puts into teaching us and it ends out like this. Mr Abrahams you rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! family: looks like Ella's having fun I wish we were her!


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