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Term 3 


This term Bobcats will be studying where chocolate comes from and how it is made. 

As geographers we will:

Study the continents of the world, learn about the major oceans and rivers of the world and locate South America on a world map. We will identify where in the world Cocoa beans come from and what it is about the climate of those countries that make it suitable for growing the beans.

As historians we will;

Learn about the importance of chocolate in the Mayan civilisation and how chocolate impacted on the western civilisation. We will study the rise of chocolate factories, such as Cadburys and Bournville in the Victorian era.

As scientists we will:

Study Plant life and seed growth. We will learn about the essential requirement needed for plants to grow.We will look in more detail how chocolate is formed form the cocoa bean.

As writers we will:

We will study the text 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' by Roald Dahl and write descriptions of characters from the story. We will develop our narrative writing skills by studying how Roald Dahl used grammar and vocabulary to make his stories interesting to read. We will also learn how to write instructions, in particular how to make hot chocolate known as 'The Drink of the Gods'.

As designers and artists we will:

Draw and paint images of chocolate, design a new chocolate bar and go through the process of bringing it to market. We will design our chocolate bar wrapper and advertise our bar read to sell. We will evaluate each others designs.

As mathematicians we will:

We will study the properties of shape, we will further develop our understanding of measurement including fractions and we will apply our understanding of money in our role-play area which will be our Sweet Shop.

Important Information

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