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Term 5

Our topic for this term is Ancient Egypt. We will begin by learning about the role of artefacts, considering how these have helped archaeologists to discover and explain the past. We shall focus upon the geography of Ancient Egypt, thinking about the it's location and climate, plus how and why the River Nile played such an important role in people's lives. We will discover how and why the pyramids were built and look in detail at the process of mummification. Finally, we will think about the religious beliefs held by Ancient Egyptians, focusing upon their beliefs about the afterlife.

Ancient Egyptian Creation Story


Maths homework has been set on Active Learn Primary.

Literacy homework has been given out to the children as a paper copy and can be found below too. 

Amazing Homework Projects

Making Canopic Jars

On Monday 9th May, we began to create our canopic jars. We used paper mache to cover our Pringles tubes. We are working towards creating these:

Next, we painted our canopic jars, using gold metallic paint. They are beginning to look very authentic now! 

We completed our canopic jars, by writing our name in hieroglyphics on cream paper (tor resemble Ancient Egyptian papyrus paper). Then we chose a God: Imsety, Duamutef, Hapi or Qebehsenuef. Each God would have protected a different organ and the organs were stored in the jars, then placed inside the pyramid. Here are the photos of our excellent finished products!

Year 3 and 4 Sports Challenge

On Friday 27th May, the whole school competed in a Sports Challenge throughout the day. The Jaguars Class competed against the Panthers Class in a range of challenges, including: standing long jump, most speed bounces in 30 seconds and target throwing. We all had lots of fun! See how we got on here:

Our Science topic for this term is Forces and Magnets. We will learn through lots of practical activities and investigations. We will discover various forces in action and find out how arrows can be used in diagrams to represent the size and direction of a force. We will learn about friction and investigate how to increase and how to reduce friction, when needed. Finally, we will find out about magnetic and non-magnetic materials, plus when, why and how magnets are used in everyday life.

Our Science Investigation

We worked in teams to investigate how the height of the ramp affects the distance travelled by the car. It was great fun! We found out that as the height of the ramp increased, the distance travelled by the car increased too. We also discovered that gravity is the force which pulls the car down the ramp and friction is the force which causes the car to slow down, then stop.

Next we carried out a similar investigation. To make sure that it was a fair test, we had to keep the ramp the same height, use the same car and repeat each run 3 times. We tested out a range of surfaces to find out which created the most friction, causing the car to stop quickly and which created the least friction, allowing the car to travel further. We found out that the bubble wrap caused the car to stop quickly, because it is a bumpy surface. Whereas the car travelled the furthest along the wooden hall floor, because it is a smooth surface.

On Tuesday 10th May, we experimented with bar magnets. We found out that when two poles which are the same (North and North or South and South) are put near to one another, they repel so they don't stick together. However, when two poles which are different (North and South or South and North) are put close to one another, they attract so they stick together.


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