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Market Deeping Community Primary

Term 3

This term, we will be looking at Conflict. The children will be looking at a range of wars, conflicts and battles over the centuries involving different peoples and different countries, finding out as much as they can about how they started and what happened. Their aim is to research and compare them, leading to a presentation to the rest of the class as the end of our topic.

In our science work, we will be looking at life cycles of mammals. Our work will include collecting and analysing data, making comparisons and using identification keys.

Our English work will include poetry, instructions and non-fiction. As well as extending vocabulary, we will be looking at formal and informal language, and also developing and using a wider range of punctuation including semi-colons.

Our maths work will concentrate on developing mental strategies for number work. There will be opportunities to apply knowledge of tables to much larger calculations, as well as practising addition and subtraction with decimals. We will also spend time investigating square and prime numbers before moving onto measures and properties of triangles.

Finally, please remember we are also swimming this half term.