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Term 4

This terms topic is Growing and Easter. We will be focusing upon the following learning.

Personal Social And Emotional Development

We will be playing turn taking games and encouraging sharing skills. We will talk about our families and ‘news’. We will use puppets to talk about feelings and to reinforce rules.

Communication and Language

We will listen to and talking about stories. During circle time activities we will encourage the children to listen as well as speak about a focused subject. We will explore the use of positional language.

Physical Development

We are focusing on both fine motor and gross motor skills this term. We will practice our pencil control when tracing. Develop our name writing and letter formation. We will use fine motor skills for threading, using tweezers and developing our scissors skills. We will explore our throwing and catching when using balls and beanbags.


We will be sharing books, making marks both inside and outside. We will listen to stories about growing, such as Jack and the Beanstalk, Dora's chicks and the Odd Egg. We will also look at non-fiction books .We will continue with learning letter sounds. We will be developing our name writing and letter formation. We will introduce the Oxford Reading Tree characters.


In mathematics we are singing number rhymes and learning numerals. We will be counting objects and play counting games. We will be adding two groups of objects together to find a total. We will be developing our number recognition and ordering numbers. We will explore positional language through and egg hunt.

Expressive Arts and Design

We will be using powder paint to mix our own paints. We will also experiment with colour mixing. We will be make our models of castle by using bricks and through junk modelling.

Understanding the World

We will be using the computers to make pictures and practice using the mouse to click and drag objects. We will explore a programmable toy named Bee-Bot. We will go on a spring walk and talk about seasonal changes. We will explore gardening by planting seeds, discussing changes and what they need to be able to they grow.

Please note we try and use the children’s current ideas and interests when possible so some areas may change as the term progresses.