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Market Deeping Community Primary

Land of Hope and Glory


After looking at iconic British bridges for inspiration, the children were set a challenge to build a bridge to allow 2 cars to travel across a 30cm canyon. The children worked very well in their small groups and created very different bridges.

Each group had a budget of £100. Paper cost £10 for a sheet of A4, and £3 each for 10cm of sellotape and a paper clip.

After listening to the Legend of Finn MacCool and the creation of the Giant's causeway, the children worked in groups to create a short piece of music depicting a scene from the story. We definitely have some talented musicians in the class!

To help the us write our report about rivers, we create a collage showing the journey of a river from source to mouth. Every child helped to create the sun, the mountain, the clouds and the sea.

In science we have learning about the digestion system. We replicated the digestive process by using crackers, water (saliva), orange juice (digestive juices) and tights (intestines).