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To start out new topic, we created our own Egyptian pyramid using 4 triangles and a square base. They drew on the bricks to make it look authentic before painting and sprinkling with sand. The pharaohs would have been impressed with their work!


After looking at perspective drawings of buildings and streets, the children were set the challenge to create perspective photos using the iPads. The adults were impressed with their creativity and how they worked together in small groups.

The children used iPads to create collages of famous buildings around the world. First, they had to choose the image they wanted and then save it, before using Pic Collage to create a cool, creative collage.

Panther's re-telling of the Nativity story

A selection of Christmas acrostic poems by Panthers


Calendars being opened

Happy kids opening presents on Christmas Day

Robins flying from tree to tree

Icicles hanging from roofs

Snowmen being built by children

Trees you can hardly see

Mistletoe hanging from doors

Angel Gabriel tells Mary great news

Stockings filled with presents

By Taylor and Tyler B


Robins tweeting in the trees

Opening presents on Christmas Eve

Baubles hanging from trees

Icicles hanging from roofs

Nativity plays we all like

By Richard and Charlie


P is for people celebrating

R is for robins

E is for eating Christmas dinner

S is for snowmen

E is for eggnog

N is for Nativity

T is for tinsel

S is for Santa

By Conner and Harry

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Mr Abrahams(a couple of years ago)

Which perspective photo is your favourite?

lambros(a couple of years ago)

i likted it when Keven pickted the tree up from the big ground

richard(a couple of years ago)

I like the one that Jason is squishing Samuel so funny

Taylor(a couple of years ago)

I liked the pyramid pictures

Rhys! :-)(a couple of years ago)

Me like the one where Taylor was hanging of a finger. (Me like it lots)

Owen :-)(a couple of years ago)

Me like the one where Samuel is pushing Jason up and Jason is pushing Rhys's finnger up so cool! P.S Me like verry much!! :-)(-:

Harry(a couple of years ago)

I Like The One with Jake and Rose Picking up a tree

Sam(a couple of years ago)

The collages were cool to make.

lambros(a couple of years ago)

which co large did you like I lickted Amelias

Rose(a couple of years ago)

I like all of them to be onist .

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