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Transport and Trade

Our topic began by looking at the history of flight before attempting to make a selection of paper aeroplanes and seeing which one flew the furthest. Some of the instructions were harder than others (even the adults got stuck on one!) but it was great to see the children work well in their group of 3.

In science, the children looked at examples of animals that are vertebrates and invertebrates. They were asked to find information on the internet and present their findings on Book Creator on the iPads.

Click on the names below to see the children's work.

Archie and Sam Cailem Rose and Taylor Charlie and Freddie
Conner and Lyxander Cristian and Lambros Enya and Ruby
Harry and Edward Jake and Jason Owen and Rhys
Samuel and Richard Tyler B and Preston Tyler P and Kevin


The children designed their own air pump rocket to be launched on the school field. The children enjoyed launching them and getting splashed as it took off (some got more wet than others)!

In PE, the children have been practising their balancing skills in gymnastics. They were challenged to work in small groups, using a bench and 3 mats, to create a small sequence of 3 balances to perform to the rest of the class.

In maths, the children were tasked with creating shapes on the Geoboards iPads app and identify any acute, obtuse and right angles.

To link with our News Report about Apollo 11, the children worked with a partner to create a collage about the mission. 

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richard(a couple of years ago)

My favourite apollo 11 picture is.........Freddie and Archie's

lambros(a couple of years ago)

I loved when we did the air pump rockets they were so school to make

lambros(a couple of years ago)

I like Jakes and Rose apolo 11 picture and it looks snazzy

Auntie ellie and uncle mark [ella's uncle and auntie](a couple of years ago)

me and mark think that .........MR ABRAHAMS IS THE BEST TEACHER TO TEACH PANTHERS! well done Mr Abrahams and well done panthers!

ella's grandma and grandad(a couple of years ago)

it looks like Mr Abrahams is a very good teacher to panthers class. We loved the balances and wish we could do that to!!!!The Apollo 11 collage's look amazing and the geo-board shapes look like a lot of teamwork was put into them so good luck Mr Abrahams and well done panthers!

Freddie(a couple of years ago)

My favourite was the balances in PE

Tyler b(a couple of years ago)

I love the shapes

Tyler b(a couple of years ago)

I love the apollo 11 and car homework

Archie(a couple of years ago)

All of the geoboard pictures are awesome

Tyler B(a couple of years ago)

I love when i was pumping the rocket and stachers.

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