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We will begin focusing on our topic once we have returned from Stibbington. Before we go, we will be learning some songs that we can sing around the campfire and how to read 4 grid reference maps.

Click here to take you to our Stibbington page.

To start of our science topic we looked at how sound is created by vibrations.

We twanged a ruler over the edge of the table; hit a tuning fork and put it in a bowl of water; banged a drum with rice on top; and create a paper banger (produces a shock wave instead).

After writing their own kenning about an animal of their choice, the children paired up to perform one of their poems. Here is a selection of performances.

To help us identify the features of a play script, we looked at an extract from I Spy and 4 brave children volunteered to perform the script to the rest of the class with no preparation time.

Cast: Mum (Taylor), Dad (Rose), David (Enya) and Megan (Lyxander).

In maths, the children went hunting for different 2-D shapes and had to describe the properties to earn a sticker. The shapes that they couldn't find, they had to draw on the playground using chalk.

In science, the children created their own panpipes to create high and low pitched sounds. 

In maths, the children used a measuring tape to find the length of each other's arm span, height, stride and head circumference.

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ella(about a year ago)

I loved measuring my classmate [ Fred] , learning Anglo Saxon language an writing our names on the grave stone, learning kennings and performing them and of corse being teached by Mr !Abrahams. thanks so much Mr Abrahams!

Rose(a couple of years ago)

I liked doing the langue on the graving stone.


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