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2019-20 Year 1 and 2 Class Pages


Home learning activities and advice for Key Stage One:

Here we have prepared a collection of activities, websites and resources for your children to complete if they are at home due to self isolation or a school closure. In the case of a whole school closure we will be sending a workbook for children to record their work in as well as a pack of paper based home learning activities for them to complete. 

 Click here for sports activities you can do at home...

Australia research project:

Our topic after the Easter break is 'In a land down under!' We will be learning all about life in Australia, whilst you are at home we would like you to complete some research online to find out about the following areas linked to Australia: weather, climate,  plant life, animal life, food, culture and landmarks.

You can present your information in any form that you wish, you may want to make a poster or an information booklet using some of the pages in your workbook.

Below is a topic web with some ideas of things you could do for your research project. 

Reading, Phonics and Spelling

In the event of school closing we will be sending pupils home with a selection of reading books at their level; it is important that children continue to read as often as possible at home.


Here is a list of web pages where the children can continue to practise their phonics and spelling skills from home.  On this website your child will need to log in with their active learn information which we have stuck to the front of their home learning books for them. The school code when you log in to this website is: mark.

On this website we have allocated 16 different online activities and games for the children to play linked to grammar and spelling in KS1, as this has personalised log in information we should be able to look online at how children are doing with these tasks.  On this website pupils can play games linked to phonics and spelling - we use this in school very regularly so hopefully they will recognise the free games when you open the site! In Year 1 we have been working on phase 5 this term and Year 2 could play games from phase 6. UPDATE: Phonics play have released log in details to access all of their material for free. The username is: march20  The passwrod is: home  Here are a variety of online games for pupils to play linked to reading and phonics skills. 


The home learning booklets you have been given contain a variety of maths based tasks for you to complete. Here are a selection of websites you can visit to keep practising your maths skills. This website contains various games linked to maths skills in KS1. Hit the button is great for practising your timestables and number bonds against a time limit! The BBC Bitesize website contains games and information about various areas of maths, this term we have covered fractions, addition and subtration and shape. Explore this site and have a go at the games!

This is a suggested timetable for learning at home, however we appreciate you will be organising your families the best you can and this is by no means expected.
This is a suggested timetable for learning at home, however we appreciate you will be organising your families the best you can and this is by no means expected.

Below are some practical ideas for things you can do whilst at home with your families. 

Year 2 home learning booklet
 Y2 home learning
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Year 1 home learning booklet
 Year 1 Home learning
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Y1 Daily maths tasks!

Year 1 Daily mini tasks

Y2 daily English tasks

Y2 daily maths tasks