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EYFS Summer Term Week 1

This weeks activities are based around the story The Tiger Who Came to Tea.

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The Tiger Who Came to Tea story-CBeebies link below.



Here are some suggestions of literacy tasks based on The Tiger Who Came to Tea story.

  •  Draw pictures to sequencing the story and label. Use this to retell the story in your own words.
  • Write shopping lists or menus for the tea party.
  • Make invitations for a teddy to come and have tea with you.
  • Write a speech bubble for the tiger.
  • Draw and label a meal for the tiger. 


  • Phonics Play games - phase 2 and phase 3 (all games are free to use) 
  • Phonics booklets and activities are available to download at the bottom of this page.



Here are some maths ideas linked to the story.

  • Repeating patterns using orange and black buttons/string/ paint/ crayons etc…
  • Match the correct number of orange and black objects to the numeral 0-20.
  • Making their own sandwich. can you cut the sandwich in half, quarters. what shapes can you make, rectangles, squares, triangles etc..
  • Measure ingredients and follow a recipe to make some cakes. Then enjoy your creations at a tea party.


Here is a link to some other maths activities.


Understanding of the World

  • Use the below link to see tigers in the wild. Following watching the clip  talk about their homes, natural habitats and what tiger babies are called.

  • Use the internet, maps, or the globe to find the different countries tigers live in. 
  • Explore shadows,  in the sunshine draw around animals shadows onto white paper. Discuss how we get shadows.


Creative Activities

Here are some suggested creative activities.

  • Make tiger lolly-pop stick puppetsImage result for tiger masks using paper plates
  • Tear black paper and orange paper to make tiger stripes on a collage picture.
  • Make paper plate tiger masks
  • Make a jungle scene using play dough (leaves, pebbles sticks, wild animals)
  • Set up a tea party for your teddies- make a menu of the different things they could eat.



Animal boogie song Can you join in with the actions? Dont forget to join along with the song too!