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Willoughby Avenue, Market Deeping, Lincolnshire PE6 8JE

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Willoughby Avenue, Market Deeping, Lincolnshire PE6 8JE

01778 343654

Market Deeping Community Primary School

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EYFS Summer Term Week 2

This weeks activities are based around the story We're Going On a Bear Hunt. We're Going on a Bear Hunt: 1 CBH Children / Picture Books: Amazon ...


Bear hunt story link


Here are some suggestions of literacy tasks based on the story We're Going On a Bear Hunt

  • Discuss the character of the bear. What was his behaviour like? Why? Do the children think he was a friendly bear? Why
  • Write a list of things they might need to take on a similar adventure.
  • Draw and label a story map showing the journey the children went on.
  • Make a story tray or box. Create areas representing the different settings seen in the story for children to use with small-world toys. You could use tissue paper strips for the grass, cotton wool for snow, shiny paper for the river, twigs for the forest, soil for the mud and an empty container for the cave. Retell the story using the props.
  • Research information about bears . Record your findings. You could display your findings in a sheet like the one below.




Here is a link to some maths activities.

Here are some maths ideas related to the story.

  • Hide some toy bears or bear pictures around the house or outside in the garden and encourage children to describe where they are hiding by using positional language such as under, in etc…  How many bears did you find? Can you write the numeral down?

Use a teddy bear to demonstrate the prepositions from the story. Also explore other words like ‘next to’, ‘on’ and ‘behind’. Place their teddy bear in the correct location based on instructions, for example, ‘Can you put the bear under the chair?

Understanding of the World

  • Use Topmarks- Bobbie Bear game and 3 bears game select the clothing  to dress the bears. Sort objects according to there size.
  • Make some teddy bear biscuits.
  • Make some teddy bear toast. Teddy bear toast - Kidspot


  • Explore different ways of moving through the different settings in the story. The children could role play moving through each setting using a different movement for each. For example, they could tiptoe through the cave, skip through the grass and do big steps through the mud
  • Create an outdoor obstacle course relating to the story. Challenge children to go through a range of obstacles representing the different settings.



  •  Make some sensory bottles and then use them to help you retell the story. We're Going on a Bear Hunt | Discovery bottles, Sensory bottles ...
  • Explore making muddy footprints using mud or brown paint and some welly boots. Encourage the children to explore making prints and trails along some paper. Who’s footprint is the biggest? What patterns can you see?
  • Make some binoculars using cardboard tubes and then look for soft toy bears around the house and garden.
  • Create a role play bear cave. A tent or large cardboard box could be covered with a sheet to make the cave. Don’t forget a bag, with torches, binoculars, a map that you have drawn and of course your teddy!
  • Create simple noise makers or shakers to create the sounds of each setting from the story. For example, the river could be a partially filled water bottle, the mud could be some jelly in a container and the snowstorm sound could be made by gently blowing over the top of an empty bottle.
  • Decorate paper plates to look like bears. Children could paint, colour or collage a plate brown and then add details using the story as a guide to add eyes, ears and nose.
  • Use brown paint and a fork to make a bear picture. 

Kids Bear Craft Using a Fork - Crafty Morning