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Willoughby Avenue, Market Deeping, Lincolnshire PE6 8JE

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Willoughby Avenue, Market Deeping, Lincolnshire PE6 8JE

01778 343654

Market Deeping Community Primary School

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EYFS Summer Term Week 5



Superworm (Paperback)


  1. Listen to the story here  or on here
  2. How many words can you think of and write beginning with w? 
  3. Make a sock worm (see creative) and write about the adventures it could go on. 
  4. Write down some facts you know about worms. 
  5. Make some letters out of cooked, wriggly spaghetti or pieces of wool or string. 
  6. Listen to this poem about a worm. 


  1. Play some of the games from Phase 2 or 3.
  2. Sound out 'worm' and 'wiggle' - try to pick out the sounds and have a go writing them down.
  3. Practice your cursive handwriting.  
  4. Make an acrostic poem for worms. Think of a word beginning with each letter.  Worms Acrostic Poems (teacher made)


Here is a link to some maths activities.


Here are some other maths activities linked to our story.

  1. Make some worms out of playdough. Can you put them is size order? 
  2. Find worms in the garden. Can you measure them with other a ruler? 
  3. Draw some worms and add a cloured pattern, for examle red, yellow, green, red, yellow, green. 
  4. Positional language. Hide your sock worm and describe where he is. See Positional language file below. 

Understanding of the world

  1. Find out about worms. Make a leaflet or factsheet about them.  
  2. Make your own wormery  
  3. Dig for worms in your garden if you have one. 
  4. Find out what sort of animals eat worms. Draw and label them. 


  1. Make a worm by threading pasta onto string or wool. Can you make it wriggle? 
  2. Move around your house like a worm. Can you make yourself long and thin? 
  3. Make some zigzag patterns using different colours. 
  4. If you have a skipping rope, practise skipping, pretending it is Superworm!
  5. Think about the super things you can do with your body. Can you run, jump, roll, cartwheel? Practise some of thiese things safely. 


  1. Make a sock worm using and old sock. Great idea - make a sock worm puppet to celebrate Diary of a Worm ...
  2. Make a worm stick puppet. Retell the story of Superworm using it. Paper craft for kids EARTHWORM simple and cute - YouTube
  3. Sing along with this song. Can you make up some movements to go with it? Resources

Supporting Resources