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EYFS Summer Term Week 6

Welcome back. We hope you had a lovely May half term, our new theme for learning this term is Under the Sea.

The Snail and the Whale The Snail and the Whale: Julia Donaldson: Books


The story can be found here on BBC iplayer.

Here are some activities and ideas linked to the story

  •  Can you sequence the story? (Story sequencing pictures below)
  •  If you could go on an adventure on the back of a whale where would you go? (A possible writing sheet below)
  • Write a thank you letter to the whale for taking you on the sea adventure.
  • Research some facts about whales.


You could try focusing on 5 sounds from the phase 3 list (see below) and see if you can spot things with these sounds in them as you are taking your daily walk. Maybe take a clipboard or notepad to keep a list of your ideas.Phonics Phase 3 Sounds for Pronunciation - YouTube



 Play the read and race game. (See game bellow)


 Here is a link to some  maths activities.  (The activities are linked to our book this week too.)

Here are some other maths activities links to the book.

  • Play the snail race game.
  • Maths colouring sheet. (See below)
  • Can you make a repeated pattern going around in a spiral shape?

Understanding of the World

 How To Make A Simple Snail Habitat


  • Use glue to make a wiggly line or write your name. Then cover the glue with silvery glitter to make your own snail trail message.
  • Outside use stones, rocks, and other natural resources to make a spiral shape like the snail's shell.

Exploring Spirals in Nature, and Andy Goldsworthy's Nature art ...



  • Use chalk, crayons etc.. to draw a spiral snail shell, then decorate it using different colours and patterns.Drawing Spiral Snails | Snail and the whale, Minibeasts eyfs ...
  • Make your own snail using play dough, paper, rocks etc..    Clay Snail Stock Photos And Images - 123RF 
  • Look at Matisse, famous artist. (Power point below) He made a picture of a snail by cutting up different types of coloured paper which is now displayed in the Tate. He arranged them in a snail like shape and glued them down when he was happy with the position of the pieces. Make your own snail picture inspired by Matisse.
  • The Snail By Henri Matisse

Useful resources