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Willoughby Avenue, Market Deeping, Lincolnshire PE6 8JE

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Willoughby Avenue, Market Deeping, Lincolnshire PE6 8JE

01778 343654

Market Deeping Community Primary School

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EYFS Summer Term Week 9

Pirates Cartoon pirate captain holding a treasure map | Premium Vector


  • Listen to some pirate stories.

The Night Pirates -

Pirates Love Underpants -

Treasure of Pirate Frank - 

  •  Design and label pirate wanted posters.
  •  Draw yourself as a pirate and label key features such as hat, hook, etc… What would your pirate name be?
  • Write about what you would do if you were a pirate.
  • Writing messages to send in a bottle- Can you write a message on your paper? Can you fold your paper in half? Can you fold your paper in half, again? Can you post your message into the bottle? Where do you think your bottle would go to if you threw it in the sea?


  • Use your cursive handwriting to write the phase 3 tricky words. (See sheet below)
  • Play the buried treasure sorting game.(See below)
  • Play Phonics play treasure game.
  • Sort the treasure into real words and nonsense words. (see below)
  •  Write a caption about a treasure chest. Illustration Of Treasure Chest Full Of Gold Royalty Free Cliparts ...


Here is a link to some  maths activities.


Here are some activities linked to pirates.

  • The pirates have lots of treasure. Choose a boat/ container and have a bowl of water. Place the boat/container into the water. Use coins or other objects count how many you need before the pirate ship sinks.How many objects will it take to sink the boat/container? Was your guess correct? 
  • Adding two amounts of  treasure together. You can use any objects to add and then record in a number sentence such as 2+6=8 etc. (Example sheet below)
  • Draw the same amount of coins inside the treasure chest to double the amount. (See below for sheet)
  • Solve the pirate number problems. (See below)
  • Counting in ten's song.


  • Count in tens make a walk the plank.pirate math activity-walk the plank-skip counting by tens with ...



Cosmic Kids Pirate Yoga-

Go Noodle pirate song and actions.

Understanding of the World

  • Look at the Powerpoint about Pirate ships. (See below)
  • Label a pirate ship.
  • Explore floating and sinking. Watch Messy goes to Okido flaoting and sinking.
  • Listen to CBeebies- Do You Know Songs- Sinking and Floating-
  • Carry out a floating and sinking experiment.Choose some objects that you can test weather they float or sink. (Activity sheet below) Things that Sink and Float Image - Science for Kids All About Sink and Float
  • Look at some maps of were you live. Talk about the different features. you could also explore Google maps. Make your own pirate treasure map. You could alwaymake your paper look old by dipping it in tea. (See below)   

Printable treasure maps for kids | Treasure maps for kids, Pirate ...


  • Design your own pirate flag.(See below) Pirate flag cartoon clip art Royalty Free Vector Image
  • Make your own pirate ship using plastic tubs, cork etc.. Dont forget to give it a sail. Once you have made a boat test it to see if it floats. 116 Best Boat Crafts and Activities for Kids images | Boat crafts ...
  • Make pirate hats.(Instructions below)
  • Can you make a telescope using a kitchen roll. More Pirate Stuff! A telescope (With images) | Pirate crafts ...
  • Egg Box Treasure Chest!- Decorate an egg box using paint or paper and create a treasure chest. Fill it with goodies gems or pirate treats! Feathery FriendEgg Carton Crafts - Treasure box


  • Create a pretty parrot using a toilet roll, paper, paints, feathers, leaves, cut up magazines etc…..Can you use a pipe cleaner or some string to attach it to your arm.

Parakeets puppets made from recycles cardboard tubes. Fun kids craft idea.


Here are some pirate songs:

When I was One-

 Port Side Pirate -

A Pirate Went to Sea-

Useful Resources