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Willoughby Avenue, Market Deeping, Lincolnshire PE6 8JE

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Willoughby Avenue, Market Deeping, Lincolnshire PE6 8JE

01778 343654

Market Deeping Community Primary School

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EYFS Summer Term Week 11

Dragons, Princesses and



Listen to Zog.

  • Look at the picture of Zog…can you think of words to describe him? You can describe how he looks as well as how he acts, e.g. brave/kind/ wings etc. (See sheet below)
  • Can you design your own dragon? Look carefully at the different dragons in the story to inspire you! Can you write some sentences to tell me something about your dragon? E.g. My dragon is green and spotty. He is very good at flying. (See below)
  • Have a go at writing some simple instructions to help Zog learn to fly! What will he need to do first? (See below)
  • Think about all of the things that a young dragon would need to know. What else could you teach Zog so that he can win a gold star? Draw a picture and write a sentence showing your idea! (See below)
  • Draw and write about your favourite part of the story.(See below)
  • My super power - Zog's super power is being able to fly. If you could have a super power, what would it be and why?



Zog And The Flying Doctors | Teaching Ideas



  • Read phase 4 polysyllabic words and match the picture to the words. (See below)
  • Listen to Phase 4 tricky word song.
  • Complete Phase 4 tricky word booklet. (See below)
  • Play Phase 4 Tricky word bingo (See below)
  • Introduce the st blend- See below for PowerPoint. Complete the read and match st sheet. (See below)


Here is a link to some  maths activities.


  • Cut some shapes out of paper – you could cut out some triangles, circles, squares and rectangles.Place the shapes onto a piece of paper to make a shape picture. You could make a castle, a knight or maybe a dragon!  What shapes did you use?
  • Make a model castle. You could use cardboard boxes and tubes, building bricks or empty packaging. Can you name the different 3D shapes you have used? (See 3D PowerPoint)
  • Go on a 2d/3D shape walk. What shapes can you see? How many edges do they have? How many faces do they have? Record your findings. (See sheet below)


  • Make your own magic medicine.  

    "Zog and the Flying Doctors". In the story the King has a disease called orange fever, and Princess Pearl, Zog and Sir Gadabout collect the ingredients for a medicine which makes him better (including grated horn of unicorn and a mighty lion's sneeze...). Can you invent a new medicine. Measure our your medicine using spoon, jugs etc.. Can you write down your recipe? 

    Miss B_T EYFS on Twitter: "#Maths based magic potion making ...
  • Make medicines. Collect a selection of small containers, a spoon and some rice/sand. How many spoon of rice do you think the container will hold? Make your estimate then test to see if you were right. (See below)


Go Noodle:


Understanding of the World

  • Talk about the different ‘people who help us’ such as police, firefighters and nurses as well as paramedics. Look closely at what they wear and why. Princess Pearl doesn't like silly frilly dresses...can you design a uniform that she could wear as a flying doctor.What features might it need? For example, fire resistant (being around dragons), warm (for when she is flying about), brightly coloured so people can see her coming to the rescue. (See below)


  • Think about Zog’s new career at the end of the story. What do you think Zog will do in his new job of transporting the flying doctors? What sort of patients might Zog take Princess Pearl and Sir Gadabout to help? What things will the flying doctors need in their doctor’s bag? Think back to Zog’s injuries and how Princess Pearl treated them, what things might we need in a doctor’s bag? Have a go at either drawing items on the first aid kit or cut and stick the correct pictures. (See below)


  • Talk about castles and the different types and parts of a castle. Talk and who lived in castles. Design and label your own castle. (See PowerPoint below)


  • When I grow up - in the story the princess dreams of being something else when she grows up. Can you write a dream for yourself for when you grow up? What would you want to be and why?



  • Breathe fire just like Zog! Using colourful paper/ribbons/tissue paper.Follow the instructions to create your own fire! Can you win a gold star for fire breathing, just like Zog? Fire Breathing Dragon Craft- 

Paper Roll Dragon Craft | Dragon crafts, Toilet paper roll crafts ...


  • Create your own dragon puppet using a paper plate! Be as creative as you like, can you add scales and fire to your dragon?Learn with Play at Home: Simple Paper Plate Dragon Craft
  • Look at examples of different shield designs (Google has thousands!) and explain about knights in the past having a coat of arms to represent whothey were and what qualities they stood for. Come up with your own shield design. (See below)


  • Design a royal crown for Princess Pearl.


  • Design a new dress for Princess Pearl.


  • Use playdough or salt dough to make different sized dragons teeth. (See below)


  • Make a magic wand out of sticks, straws etc.. Add ribbons, feather, leaves glitter. Nature wands for outdoor play - Laughing Kids Learn


Other Resources