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LKS2 2020 Summer Term Home Learning Week 11


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Look at the following poem about a Dragon. What features can you spot?

Write a list of adjectives, nouns, verbs, rhyming couplets and similes you can spot in the poem.


Dragon Poem

Like a white cloud in springtime, he skids through the sky,

Whistles tunes into valleys, pushes boats with a sigh.

Through the forest he scurries, catching leaves in his wings;

With a rustle of treetops, the Wind Dragon sings.


With a temper as fierce as a lion and a beauty so clear,

She sways to a calling that no one can hear.

Pulling treasures like gifts from some faraway shore,

Wild and untamed, hear the Sea Dragon’s roar.


With a wing fall as fragile as light on the sea,

She sings of frost shivers and white-gilded trees.

Unshaken, she soars, while the wind whips and blows;

Under sky-splattered starlight, the Moon Dragon glows


His teeth hide a furnace, spewing ash and bright embers.

His scales dry and charred; a face man remembers.

A flicking, forked tongue licks the sides of a stake;

The Fire Dragon feasts, leaves the world in its wake.



Look at the following images of Dragons, think of a list of expanded noun phrases and similes to describe them.


Expanded noun phrase-  The magnificent, treacherous Dragon.

Simile-  The dragon perched on the rock like a lion looking down on his kingdom.

              The dragon flew as high as a plane. 



Task 1- Think of some rhyming couplets that you could include in your poem about a dragon.








Task 2- Have a look at some shape poetry from the PowerPoint. What do you notice about them; why do you think it’s called ‘Shape Poetry’?



Using the following template (or if you’re feeling creative create your own), write a poem about a Dragon. Use all of the features you have looked at this week; nouns, adjectives, expanded noun phrases, similes and rhyming couplets.

Friday - Here is a extact from a  non-fiction book, use your VIPERS skills to answer the questions based on what you read.

Guardians of the Planet.pdf

Guardians of the planet 4.docx


This term Year 3 are focusing on what plants need to grow and survive. This week you are going to think about how we can help plants grow. Plant growth can be helped in a number of ways. One way we can help plants grow is by adding fertiliser to the soil. Watch video to learn all about fertiliser and what it does The man in the video grows three identical seeds into plants and adds different things to the soil to find out the best way to grow healthy plants. Fill in the comic strip about how the experiment might have been set up and explain the results that were found in the video.

This term Year 4 are focusing on food chains and dangers to the environment. Today you are going to focus on how humans can help. Today is a research lesson but your geography learning from last term could help with today’s learning. How can humans reduce the impact of these changes? Choose a research topic: droughts, volcanoes, oil spills, deforestation and research how we as humans can reduce the impact of your chosen topic. Record your research in a table like this one.



This week we continue our History topic... The end of the Anglo-Saxons!

The Anglo-Saxons time had to come to an end, let's find out how! - Last Anglo-Saxon King

Use this sheet to record your work on.



This week look at copies of all 3 of your posters. Show them to someone in your household and talk about each of the posters. What do they show? What did you do to make them? What is the same about them? What is different about them?

You might want to write down what you discussed or take a picture of what you have done and post it on seesaw.



This week’s DT might be quite challenging. You are going to be making an Origami Dragon! Watch the following video to create yours, you may want to keep pausing the video to do each step.



Design a Viking Brooch, think about the details, colour and shape of the brooch you are designing. Use the examples to help you. You could then create your brooch using Tin-foil and coloured paper if you have any in your house.





Go through this presentation about hobbies. Then complete this sheet to show which hobbies you love, like, don't like and hate.