Market Deeping Community Primary School

Willoughby Avenue, Market Deeping, Lincolnshire PE6 8JE

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Charges and Remission


The governors wish to ensure that all pupils have access to all areas of the life of the school, regardless of the parents’ ability to pay.

In the event of activities organised by the school during school hours involving a direct cost to the school, voluntary contributions are sought from the parents to cover the cost of these activities. No child is excluded from participating in the activities because of non-payment of the contribution, but it is usually necessary for a substantial number of parents to contribute before the activity can go ahead. In the case of activities partly during the school day, and partly out of school hours, charges will be made for the time outside school hours, and for board and lodging on a residential school journey.

The Headteacher and governors will consider sympathetically cases of genuine financial need and remit charges where appropriate.

Pupils in receipt of Pupil Premium are eligible for remission for all activities.

You can find our policy here