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Allocations and expenditure 2016/2017

Pupil Premium Year 2016/17

For this financial year £51,481 has been allocated to support children on Free School meals. In addition to this, funding was provided to support, Post Looked After Children and Service Children(LAC).

Total funding available for all groups £65980

£21,000.00 teaching assistant additional hours across all age groups to allow reading and Mathematics  intervention programs to run in addition to bespoke interventions for pupils made vulnerable through  life events.

£19,000 to provide a vulnerable pupils manager

£6,210.00  CPD and Training for staff

£4,000 for Forest School Project 

£2,500  behavioral hub support for parents and Staff.

£7,272.00 education trips/music Tuition /swimming transport/Dance and Sporting opportunities.

£5,000.00 1 to 1 tuition by qualified teachers.    

Total planned expenditure £64988      

You can download our detailed Pupil premium strategy statement here                 

 Additional Hours to Teaching Assistants

 This  support will enable a range of activities and interventions to take place within school time that would not otherwise happen and can be targeted toward the children most in need of support. Teaching assistants can be directed by the class teacher to provide small group interventions (taking a small group of children out of class to concentrate on a specific area of learning)

Training/CPD for Staff

Specific training arranged for this year will include :

  • Tier 1 Autism Training
  • Depth and Mastery across the Curriculum
  • Classroom Management

 Vulnerable Pupil Manager/SENDCo

We will  employ a part-time Vulnerable Pupil Manager/SENDCo who is responsible for ensuring that:

  • Appropriate SEND support is put in place and monitored regularly for all students
  • Appropriate referrals are put in place and actions monitored
  • Families of Pupil Premium children receive relevant and timely advice on additional funding that may be available to support them and their child/ren.

Children and their families will be  able to access multi-agency support brokered by our Vulnerable Pupil Manager, while staff will be supported and guided by good training/CPD both arranged and delivered by the Vulnerable Pupil Manager.  Pupils will also be supported by 1:1 interaction, counselling and assessments.

Classroom Resources

  • Reading intervention programmes. Some of the pupil premium funding will be  used towards the cost of  our reading intervention programmes. These programmes are available to all children from Y2 onwards  .
  • Spelling and Grammar intervention programmes. Some of the pupil premium funding will be  used towards the cost of  our r Spelling and Grammar intervention programmes called “Ivor Clue.”. These programmes are  aimed at children from Y4 and Y6  who are struggling with Spelling and Grammar.

Specialist Behavioural Support for Parents and Staff

a“Behavioural Hub” will provide a valuable opportunity for parents and staff to meet and share information and experiences.  The sessions will be lead by a professional, providing expert advice and insight into behaviour issues together with specific 1:1 advice.

Specialist Support from the Educational Welfare Service/Specialist Teaching Service

Families with children entitled to pupil premium may benefit from the input of specialist support, such as the Educational Welfare Service (where attendance is an issue) or the Specialist Teaching Service (where assessments are needed to establish whether any specific learning difficulties are present).  Both of these, and other, specialist support services are provided where necessary to ensure that every child reaches their full potential in school.

Specialist Resources

Where learning difficulties are present, children may benefit from the provision of specialist resources to aid their learning (ie coloured overlays for dyslexic children/seat pads and soft-grip pens for children diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorders). 

Forest Schools Programme

We will use some of the pupil premium funding to operate a Forest Schools programme for Key Stage 1 which will encourage teamwork, outdoor and adventurous activities, self-esteem and confidence building.  This, together with other nurturing activities, is seen as paramount in promoting positive learning attitudes to underpin good progress and curriculum engagement.


Wrap-around childcare support in the form of before and after school childcare at Madcaps Out Of School Club can be provided in some circumstances for families whose children are entitled to pupil premium.

After school activities/ Dance and Sporting Opportunities

Sometimes pupil premium children may not have any special educational needs, but would benefit from taking part in after-school activities or specific opportunities such as Dance lessons/additional Swimming/Sporting lessons.  For these children, where cost would normally be a barrier to accessing this provision, the school will  subsidise the costs from the pupil premium.  


School uniform can be provided to children entitled to pupil premium.  Although this is generally done on a discretionary basis, the current guidelines allow for £90-worth of school uniform per child per academic year.

Educational Visits

  • The school runs a residential trip for Year 4 and Year 6 pupils. The school uses some of the pupil premium money to pay towards to funding of the trip for families of children who qualify for pupil premium.
  • Curriculum enrichment visits – any “day trips” organised by the class teachers to enrich the children’s learning are completely subsidised for families of children who qualify for pupil premium.