Market Deeping Community Primary School

Willoughby Avenue, Market Deeping, Lincolnshire PE6 8JE

01778 343654


Meet our Team!


Mr Mark Ratchford, Headteacher and Mr Johnson, Deputy Headteacher

Foundation Stage Team  Mrs Noble, Foundation Stage Leader and Reception Teacher; Miss Dalby, Nursery Nurse & Reception Teaching Assistant; Mrs Wright and Mrs McDermott, Reception Class Teachers; 

Key Stage 1 Team  Miss Sparrow, Year 1 Class Teacher;  Mrs Walsh, Year 1 Teaching Assistant; Mrs Moxham, Year 2 Teaching Assistant.

Key Stage 2 Team  Mr Johnson, Key Stage 2 Leader and Y6 Class Teacher; Mr Abrahams, Year 5 Class Teacher;  Mrs Clayton, Year 3 Class Teacher; Mr Liddle, Year 3 Class Teacher; Mrs Walker, Year 5/6 Teaching Assistant; Mrs Taylor, Year 4 Teaching Assistant: Mrs Tatam, Year 3 Teaching Assistant, Miss Fouracres, Year 3 Teaching Assistant.

Support Team  Mrs Mardling, Vulnerable Pupil Manager and SENDCo; Mrs Johnson, School Business Manager; Mrs Shamma, School Administrator; Ms Kelly, Midday Controller; Ms Ward, Midday Supervisor; Ms March, Midday Supervisor