Market Deeping Community Primary School

Willoughby Avenue, Market Deeping, Lincolnshire PE6 8JE

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Here at Market Deeping Community School 'we work together so that everyone can achieve their unique potential.'

The school is going through an exciting stage of development and improvement.  In February 2018 work began on a new school hall, new classroom and new learning spaces (CLICK HERE to find out more). All should be ready by December 2018 and whilst that is happening every aspect of our school is being developed.  Have a look at OUR SCHOOL newsletters to keep up to date on everything that is going on in our exciting school!

An inspection by OFSTED in October 2017 identified that the behaviour and welfare of the children is GOOD as well as our Reception Class or Early Years provision!  We did, however, require improvement in some other areas of school life.  Our new Headteacher, Mark Ratchford, has worked closely with our new leadership team and our experienced staff to ensure the suggested developments are rapidly making an impact on the children.  A great deal of improvement has happened in the past year and we have seen the impact with some excellent Year 6 National Test Results. The full inspection report is available here...

To find out about what we have done towards school improvement in the Summer Term 2018 click here 

To find out about what we have done towards school improvement in the Spring Term 2018 click here

and for the  Autumn Term please find the Headteacher's Report to parents here...(click)



Our VALUES – what we stand for…

We RESPECT each other’s opinions and beliefs which we demonstrate in our everyday behaviour.

We celebrate our links with the local COMMUNITY and experience the diversity and wonders of the world.

We are passionate about lifelong LEARNING.

We NURTURE all by developing resilient learners who explore, communicate and achieve with confidence.

We are all LEADERS and have the opportunity to contribute and take responsibility for the development of our school.


Our VISION – what we aspire to be…

Growing together to be the best.


Our MISSION – what we do at MDCPS…

We work together so that everyone can achieve their unique potential.


If you are considering enrolling your child at our school , please contact the school  so we can show you around, answer any questions and introduce you to some of the staff. Click here for information about admissions.

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