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The Governing Body

Welcome to the governors’ section of our website.  Here, you will find some details about each of our governors, as well as the most recent Governor Impact Statement: previous ones can be found through a link further down the page. You will also find more information about our work, which we hope you will find interesting.

The governors are responsible for developing the vision and values for the school.  We are also tasked with providing suitable challenge and support.  That support includes recognising the work of our students and staff and, as you will note from the rest of the website, there is much to celebrate.

Meet the governors of Market Deeping Community Primary School:


Susan Bryars: Chair of Governors.

I have been involved in education all my life, ultimately retiring as Head of Humanities at a local secondary school.  More recently, I have been fascinated by my grandchildren’s education in the primary sector, which encouraged me to be become a governor and subsequently Chair of Governors.  I feel that the role of governor is an important one in that it provides an opportunity for the community to have a say in the direction and development of our school.

Should you wish to contact me either phone the school directly or email:


I joined the school in September 2017 having been a Headteacher in Peterborough and Northamptonshire.  It is essential that the leadership work closely together to ensure that the strategic vision of the school is realised.  It is our Mission to: ' Work together so that everyone can achieve their unique potential'.



Mark Currier: Co-opted Governor

I have lived in the Deepings since 1994, when I was relocated to Peterborough with my job.

After 30 years’ experience as a senior field and head office manager in the retail sector I decided to change career and became a secondary school teacher of business and economics. Now semi-retired I retain my interest in education and am keen to use the skills that I have developed in my differing careers to benefit pupils. in the local community.



I am a parent governor and my son started here in September 2017. I have spent my career working in schools as a primary teacher in inner city schools in London. Since returning to Peterborough where I grew up, I am now an Assistant headteacher in the centre of the city. I am keen to support the school and children in reaching their full potential and am looking forward to utilising my professional experience to help them achieve this.





I am an Assistant Headteacher at The King’s School in Peterborough, my subject specialism is Physical Education, as my job suggests I am very keen on sport and physical activity and will be keen to work with the school to ensure that the provision in this area is outstanding. I am local to the area and my eldest son started at the school in September 2017.



 I moved to Deeping, where I grew up, in 2017 with my family. Three of our children are at the school and our youngest is due to start in 2021. I am a primary school teacher currently teaching part-time in Spalding. I have taught in Rutland, Cheshire and overseas, across the primary age phase and in a variety of schools. I am committed to supporting the school with all the hard work they are doing to make great changes which are already having a positive impact on our children. I'm often on the school playground so please feel free to give me a wave or say hello if you see me there! 

David Johnson: Associate Governor and Deputy Head.


Lisa Burton: Staff Governor

I have been a member of staff at MDCPS for a considerable number of years.  I have a very solid insight and understanding of the expectations, challenges and needs of a school like ours. My particular strength is in Foundation/Key Stage 1 and I have some understanding of Key Stage 2.

I plan to contribute to the future work of the Governing Body by being supportive and contributing in any way I can to its continued improvement and success.


 Sally Mardling: CO-OPTED GOVERNOR

I am a co-opted member of the Governing Body and I am Pastoral Manager at the School. I have nearly 30 years of teaching experience, the last 15 here in Market Deeping.  I have a particular interest in Special Education and my aim is to help every child to succeed and discover their own unique talents.


I am proud mum of 3 boys, who loves her job working with children at another local primary school in the Deepings. I am keen to develop my own skills within education and use the skills that I have developed in my career to support the pupils in meeting the schools mission of ‘Working together so that everyone can achieve their unique potential'.


 If you would like to find out more about being a governor please contact any of us, additionally you could visit the National Governors Association Website.

Governor Impact Statement: April 2020.

In order to keep you up-to-date with the work of the Governing Body, we produce this update each term on the school website and in Parent Mail.

We have three key roles as governors:

  • to ensure clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction;
  • to hold leaders to account for the educational performance of the school; and
  • to oversee the financial performance of the school and make sure its money is well spent.

I want to begin by thanking Tony Eberle who has recently moved to be close to his family in Worcestershire and consequently resigned as a governor.  I was very sorry to see him leave as he has been such a stalwart, hardworking and supportive governor.  His focus has been on Finance, and his meticulous attention to detail has served the school well.

You may have seen adverts for a replacement governor, focussed in part on finance: I am pleased to say that we have had a positive response and I have been in touch with a number of potential governors ….. and then we were faced with the tsunami of Covid-19.

Normal school ceased, and yet so much had to continue whilst coping with the significant issues thrown up in a fast-moving scenario.  Overnight, the school had to cater for a reduced number of pupils and provide a complex programme of Home Schooling, which naturally took a little while to ‘settle’.  At the same time, staff have self-isolated as necessary, and appropriately so.  Senior staff have dealt with these challenges on a day-to-day basis, just as you as parents have done in respect of your family and work. 

One could be forgiven for thinking that during this turmoil, there is no role for governance.  But this is not so: though circumstances are such that we can only focus on urgent issues, including, above all, ensuring the safety and wellbeing of our children and staff.  Fortunately, we have now established the means to communicate with each other: here technology has proved of great value, as it has in many families and businesses. This allows us to deal with formal matters, such as approving the Budget for 2020/21. There may also be some recruitment issues to resolve: an interesting challenge to be undertaken online.  The most important focus for the moment, however, is to ensure that your children’s Home Schooling is as effective as possible.

I know from direct experience with my grandchildren that this can often prove to be quite difficult, with, for instance

- mum working from home in an important virtual meeting, only to be interrupted several times with questions (and in one case, pouring blood!!)

–grandma phoned for an explanation of a question even though the broadband is not working properly;

- children spending too little or too much time on one piece of work;

On a more positive note my daughter has found some success with introducing a timetable, not unlike in school, with plenty of breaks and lots of encouragement.

Throughout all this, be assured that the Governors of MDCP continue to take their responsibilities seriously, and are doing all they can to support the staff and yourselves through this difficult period. Once school restarts every effort will be made to ensure the National Curriculum is fully addressed so that no child is left behind. I am confident this will be a national aspiration, and support will be provided in due course.

Sue Bryars.

Chair of Governors. 

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